Friday, February 20, 2009

Sierra Leone, Africa DAY 1

day 1: 36 hrs of commute, met with first group: James, Greg, Tonya and her husband Ollie.  trips gone super smooth so far, seems like every turn we take in the travel, there is a God send.  from the guy "moosa" who helped us with our 12hr layover in Senegal, to the 87yr old pastor from NC traveling back to his native home, Sierra Leone.  It's been really confirming, how easy the trips been going that I'm supposed to be here.  I already love the people.  we met tonight with about 8 different African pastors.  we had dinner with them at our hotel and they are very welcoming.   one of the drivers who took us from the Hovercraft (yes we took a hover-craft from the airport to the mainland) he is from the "village life/ bush."  he hunts and before this trip is over, i made him consider to take me pig hunting.  he smiled and didn't believe me I'd go.  i told him i have a photo i need to show him from NC...  he he...  first very looooong day- now over- going to bed, tomorrow is rest day and regroup, make plans for the shoot and chill/prayer time.  good night.  -nic
photos: James Chapman

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