Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sierra Leone, Africa DAY 2

today was production meeting all day.  great to open in prayer, went over some scripture in zeph and proverbs about giving voice to the voiceless and establishing justice.  great to fellowship with and get to know the crew before we start shooting.  we went over the script/ shot lists/ and potential characters and met with the local pastors to hear their perspective.  they are our eyes and ears to find the people who's stories will be told. They are so friendly (Pastor Tamba M"Bayo and Pastor Favour Marah- they are such wise men.  also another pastor who i cant pronounce/remember his name but he has the biggest smile in all of Africa- lights up the whole room- he wears bright yellow and doesn't stop smiling- he told us of a horrible story today from the war that he and another pastor woman led a woman to the Lord and as soon as she finished praying to receive Christ, they heard a gun shot in the distance, turned to the woman and she was dead from the shot.  he said he has story after story of really heart wrenching encounters from the war (he was in the military himself, so he saw a lot of really gnarly stuff.)   So, overall, day two was a lot of planning, prayer and conversation.  I'm getting to know Tonya and her husband Ollie really well (camera operators) and James (director).  for them, this is a great opportunity to gain experience working/ shooting/ producing a video in a third world shooting environment and are so excited to learn and gain experience.  I'm missing Jess already but have skype set up and have been keeping in touch with her throughout my days here at the hotel.  tonight, there are people from the Us embassy having a party at our hotel... interesting...

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