Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sierra Leone, Africa DAY 6

Rev. Clarkson
Photo: James Chapman 
Today we got up, and met with a woman pastor (Rev. Clarkson) who has a church with over two thousand members here in Freetown.  She is such a Godly woman with so many stories about Gods' provision during the war.  She told us of times during the fighting when she held prayer meetings for the rebels, revivals during the fighting, and even had engagements with the president.  She described one event where they were holding a revival meeting right in the middle of a field during a battle as buildings were burning all around them and bombs were dropping on houses.   She grew sick of all the brutality and bloodshed and asked all that were there to pray for God to not allow the bombs to explode as they hit the ground in the surrounding community.   Sure enough, reports came in over the next week that all the bombs that were being dropped in here area from helicopters were hitting the ground and not detonating.  The people in the community found over one hundred of them scattered around her town and officials had to come and carry them away!!!!   She told us many stories like this about the war and the people's adherence to God's word, HIS FAITHFULNESS, AND command to love those who are our enemies.  many times, soldiers would come to her door to pillage for food and with the possibility they could aimlessly shoot her.   She said she'd greet the young boys recognizing they were just little kids with weapons and call them gentlemen, invite them in and immediately share the love of Christ with them as she fed them a meal.  Within minutes they'd call her mam, and show her respect, many eventually repented right there in her living room.  crazy stories she had.....
  It was an honor to hear her heart for the lost, even people who murdered and hunted down her people.  super heavy reality of people actually living out there faith during the war.  I know I've never had to experience things like this, but if i ever did, hearing stories from Pastor Clarkson reminds me that,  in Christ, we have no fear.


Kitty Hawk Falcon said...

Petty amazing.

Kitty Hawk Falcon said...

Ignore last post from me, just wanted to see if it worked. Wow Nic! What a heavy story. Things that we rely on God for can be nothing compared to what others endure; Bombs, war, etc. I'm sure you are seeing God's work in such a surreal way. Great post!