Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sierra Leone, Africa DAY 7

Photos by James Chapman:
Today we got up and went to a school on the east side of Freetown and interviewed a pastor named Tamba.  He's a great big guy with a huge heart and a deep voice.  when he speaks, people listen.  He's started a school that has 125 kids and they greeted us today with songs and performances- at one point two little girls came in dressed in traditional African garb and presented James with a bouquet of flowers...  Afterward, we filmed at a Wharf where there is a community living off of a mangrove swamp, harvesting timber and fishing the sea.  We visited one of our guides houses and her mother prepared us a traditional Africa dish made up of rice and Cassava leaves with fish.  it looked like Kale but tasted like Tai- really really good!...  then we traveled back to the east side of town and filmed a huge cotton tree (one of the areas iconographic gigantic trees that grows in the region) as well as in a military grave.  we made it home safely and did dinner, prayed and are getting ready for bed.   :) good day- good night.  PS. i miss my wife!!!!!  (bad)

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