Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 3 in the Congo

This morning the sky turned black and it poured rain! It is the rainy season here in the D.R.C. so it rains at least a couple days a week. The streets flood and the thousands of people on the street rush to pack up their businesses. We attended a Hope community meeting this morning. This is where different solidarity groups meet their loan officers to make their weekly payments, receive disbursements, and listen to their officer discuss many trainings including the need for a relationship with Jesus. We than went to visit Flor, the owner of a beauty salon who has a great story! Her business has multiplied since she took out her first Hope loan cycles ago. Flor's salon employs many people in the community establishing her as a very successful business woman in the area. We will be interviewing her tomorrow. I set up the dolly in the middle of a dirt path with many curious onlookers wondering what was going on with this white American girl. We ended up chatting with some of the local children(Sarah translated for us). They loved Michael Jackson's music so we all sang "Beat It" together and a couple of them performed the moonwalk. It was a highlight for me:)


Hope International said...

nic+jess: so great to read the stories and see your pics among the smiling people of the Congo. Thanks for serving HOPE this way and spreading the message of dignity for our clients through your work. continued blessings - Kevin

michelle Kelly said...

Jess and Nic, What an amazing experience to be there. The pictures are beautiful and love getting to follow you day by day. What a blessing. Love and miss you both. Stay safe. Love, Mom