Friday, October 30, 2009

Day 4 in the Congo

We spent all of today at Hope's Congo office interviewing many key people working with the organization: 2 loan officers and the Project Manager (Cathy an American working in the Congo.) We had the priveledge of documenting one of the most genuine and heartfelt prayer and worship sessions this morning. Every Friday, Hope Int. staff gathers for a time of worship, praise, and encouragement. Some of the most beautiful music I have ever heard came from a small room in the Congo today. Three part harmonies, percussive rhythms, and hands raised in worship. It brought tears to my eyes. Such passion and love for Jesus! This trip has impacted me in so many ways. Tomorrow we have a very busy schedule! Our prayer is that this video will represent Hope International's heart to reach out to our brothers and sisters all over the world What a powerful and effective way to show the love of Christ! I truly believe and have seen firsthand the success of microfinance!


michelle Kelly said...

I to got choked up seeing these pictures and picturing the group having praise and worship. Those that have so little while have so much and take what the Lord has done for us for granted. What a blessing Hope International is to the people (all of us who have not idea) of this world. I continue to pray for you both and the message that will come from this project.

bryan said...

Are you guys there now? WOW!!! I love seeing Nic behind a camera with the people around him....this is where Nic is in his element!!!!

Bryan Jennings