Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 6 in the Congo

The Congo is such a beautiful place, full of so many sweet people. We have had the priveledge to visit three local homes where each family has made us feel so welcome. There are over 10 million people here and the majority are struggling to meet daily needs. You can see the desperation on their faces when they approach you to buy their products on the street. The need here is great. However, I have met some who have a great joy because they have businesses that provide enough, not just for the day, but for their family's future. This is made possible through Hope International. Each day that I am here, watching the program in action, I see the great need for microfinance in the Congo. Today we interviewed Sarah, my new friend, and a loan officer for Hope. We also went to Leonne's home to meet her family and highlight her home life for the video. There was such a community feel in her village. All teh children play together and many families live in one complex. The children LOVED having their pictures taken. It blessed my heart to be able to spend some time with such beautiful people! Tomorriw is our last day. I have fallen in love with this place so it will be sad to leave. This trip has been such a blessing and we pray that the video will reflect the work Hope is doing in the Congo. Life changing work!

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michelle Kelly said...

What beautiful children. You look awfully tired Jess. You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers!