Monday, July 26, 2010

interviews, babies, and more...

We have been here in Jinja for a few days now, my heart engrafted in the many stories of my new Ugandan friends. I find myself saddened as I write this, thinking about all the pain I have seen and experienced in the brief time of my stay. Pain aided with a smile and sweet hospitality. Yesterday we visited an orphanage called the "Amani Baby Cottage." This is where the Hansow's daughter Jayden was adopted from. We visited the baby room, full of rows of babies, getting ready to go to sleep. One crawled towards me saying, "mommy, daddy." I just wanted to take him home with me! Sweet babies. I find it hard to believe that their parents either passed away, or just did not want them.
Today, we interviewed Charles, one of the characters in the documentary. Charles has HIV. When Nic came to Uganda 3 months ago, Charles was in good health. Today, we found him in bed(where he's been the last 2 months) He has lost over 30 pounds and looked in very poor health. It seems that his HIV has progressed. What a change, what a difference.
We then visited Agatha's home. 7 family members sharing one small living space. No electricity. 2 small beds. It was so much fun to spend an afternoon with her. Learning Ugandan culture and hearing her story during the interview. I was so impressed with her and her family.
Now, off to bed. Another long day awaits tomorrow! Thank you for your prayers! We are healthy and safe. The production is going wonderful! Nic is in his element, capturing amazing imagery! Peace:)
Ps....I ate an entire fish tonight. Whole Tilapia caught in the Nile. It was spectacular!

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