Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wrapping up "Moving On" in Jinja....

We have been busy working on finishing up the LGH shot list. We have a few interviews, and b-roll shots that still need to be captured before we leave Jinja on Tuesday morning to begin an 8 hour drive to a small town in Western, Uganda called Bundibugyo. I am so sad to say that our friend and character in the "Moving On" documentary, Charles, passed away two days ago. We were so blessed to be able to say goodbye to him. Nic talked with him about his love for the Lord and he even sang a song with him. It was so beautiful. Life is so fragile, here in Uganda, and at home in America. We just never know when it will be our time to leave. I am reminded to live each day with vivor and excitement for the single day! The people we share our lives with are the most important! Thank you so much for all of your prayers! We are really getting homesick and missing all of you!
Please continue to pray as we begin an entirely new project. We are going to be telling the powerful story of Bishop Hannington Behumeka. He is Bishop over 38 churches in the Charismatic Episcopal Church (CEC.) When rebels attacked his town of Bundibugyo in 2001, he along with 80,000 others fled to displacement camps where they lived for over 2 years. Hannington inspired his people to be generous during a time when they had nothing. He had a heart for the orphans who had lost their
parents and began to organize programs where blankets and clothes were given to the children. This idea of stewardship and generosity spread throughout the people and became the foundation upon which his whole town was rebuilt!!!!
This video piece will be used as an introduction at the Lausanne Conference ( year in South Africa. The conference, started by Billy Graham, is a gathering of all the international Christian leaders all over the world! It is anticipated that over 4,000 leaders from 200 countries will attend onsite in Cape Town. Thousands of other leaders are expected to participate virtually – online and through other digital technology. It is quite an honor to be working on this!!! We pray that the Lord uses it to speak to people's hearts! We will keep you posted as much as we can!!! Love you and miss you all!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Nile River & such...

We spent the whole day experiencing Jinja without a camera and shot list to follow. We went swimming and sunning at the Jinja Nile resort with cokes and fresh tilapia in our tummies:) After pool lounging, we went on an adventure to swim in the Nile River. The Nile was majestic! Reminded me of another time, another era. The trip was complete when a herd of more than 30 cattle poached up next to us for their afternoon drink. I was a little freaked out because we were pretty much trapped! Heres a video of the experience:) We also rode a piki(motorcycle) to the Central Market where Nic picked out a pair of jeans for our next trip to western Uganda where it is much cooler in weather. What a great day in a BEAUTIFUL place! We miss home and wish all of you were here with us:) Love you!!!!!!

Man Attacked by African Stork

Sunday, August 1, 2010

This past week in production.....

Today marks our 11th day of production. We are exhausted and very excited about the content captured this week! The hansows left today, and tomorrow begins our downtime:) we have a little more to film this week before we travel to western Uganda. Some highlights: nic was almost attacked by a gigantic stork( video soon to come), I danced last night with the SUBBI women at their celebration(fully dressed in African garb), Charles has become even sicker(please keep him in your prayers), and we used our new jib camera crane for the first time this week(amazing!!!)I am posted up at an Internet cafe right now,feeling somewhat human again after this LONG 11 days. Thank you soooo much for your prayers.